During a vetting and PSC inspections sometimes observed that the gangways were not operational or not serviced i.e:

  1. The gangway was not tested and operational.
  2. The wire was rusty and not maintained.
  3. The air motors were not working.

Ladders are not usually used in the ports and vessels are mainly using only portable ladders but gangways must be kept in good operational order always.

It happens that the gangway ladders are not been tried out for a long time and the greasing of the wires are also not being done regularly. A regular maintenance and routine trying out of the gangways MUST be done.
Regular maintenance of the motor / wires to be done diligently and gangways must be tried out once a month. Ensure that there is a spare gangway wire and other minimal critical spare set is on board at all times.

posted 15 Mar '18, 09:32

March 15, 2018, 9:32 a.m.
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