During aт inspection by the USCG on one vessel, it was observed that the sheathed pipes on the fuel High-Pressure pipes were loosened and not properly fitted:
External high-pressure fuel delivery lines between the high-pressure fuel pumps and the fuel injectors shall be protected with a jacketed piping system capable of containing fuel from a high-pressure line failure. PCSOТs observed approximately eight double jacketed fuel fittings loosened and not properly tightened, with no leaks evident. Engineerings double checked and tightened all fuel lines prior to the PCSOТs departure from the vessel

It is well known, that any fuel leaks, even potential, are a safety hazard and additionally when viewed by an Oil Major it does not rank well.

Sheathed pipes are provided to protect the fuel from spraying around in case of a leak from the HP pipe. If they are not fitted as required they will not serve the purpose as the leaked fuel could fall on a hot surface and result in a fire.


  1. All sheathed pipes are correctly fitted and tight.

  2. After any maintenance is carried out on the HP pipes are fitted back and tightened as required. Check with the Instruction book.

  3. The drain line from the sheathed pipes to leak oil tank is connected back after any maintenance is carried out on HP pipes and the line is clear.

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