Standby generator failed to start-up due to the starter motors struggled to get enough speed to start the engine.

Because the pinions of the starters were turning (though not with enough power), the initial site diagnosis was that the starter motors were damaged and needed replacing.

Which was correct, they did need replacing, but it was another issue that was the root cause: the starter switch, whose contacts were like this:

alt text

Changing the starter motors was only part of the rectification.

These contacts also needed to be changed to get a reliable connection to ensure enough power was sent to the motor.

Without a proper investigation, it can be easy to react to the obvious symptoms - the starter motors - and miss part of the system which will give reliability and confidence that the engine will start when needed.

Reported by Bartech Marine Engineering

posted 21 Mar '18, 11:05

March 21, 2018, 11:05 a.m.
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