A vessel got some deficiencies pointed out by USCG inspectors due to water flow could not be confirmed at fire hydrants on deck. Hence the risk of the vessel being detained increased.

What happened

During a Port State Control (PSC) inspection, the inspector requested the starting of the emergency fire pump. Although the emergency fire pump could run, the water flow could not be confirmed due to the freezing of the fire line caused by the extremely low weather temperature. These deficiencies made a delay in vessels original schedule.

Root Cause

The vessel had not expected the rapid temperature fall and had not taken proper preparation for cold area sailing.

Lessons Learned

The rapid temperature fall was caused by an inflow of severe cold weather conditions from the Arctic Region. It should be kept in mind that there is a possibility this weather phenomenon will also occur in East Asia and Europe during the winter season.

Corrective actions:

  1. Obtain the latest weather forecast using all available means.
  2. Conduct proper preparational actions in accordance with the ship owners/manager's instructions when the cold weather is expected.
  3. An assessment of cold weather operational risks is required.

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