Engineers were carrying out a 2-yearly service on a standby generator. The engine had four LO filters. Three of them were replaced as usual but when working on fourth they found the housing was empty.
When they went to fit the new element, there was something at the bottom, so the element would not sit properly.

On investigation, they found the bottom of an old cartridge which was the cause of improper fitting of new cartridge:

alt text

Once they removed this, the new element could be fitted and the filters could start operating correctly again.

The engine was operated at least 12 months without any filtration on the B-bank, risking some major engine problems if there had been any debris in the oil.

With no element, there was no protection to the possible damage to the key internal engine components.

All maker's maintenance procedures must be followed strictly as described in the manual and if something goes wrong the cause must be investigated immediately. Teach this basic rule your juniors and rating. Let them approach you anytime for help if they in doubt about the correct working practice to avoid hiding of incompetence as above.

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