A vessel was pulled up by the terminal for undue delay in connecting loading arm. The main reasons for that were:

  1. Ineffective exchange of information between ship and shore prior arrival. The vessel had sent few emails to the agent requesting for terminal information, the details requested were not specific. As a result, the vessel was totally unprepared for the terminal and took considerable time alongside to figure out the correct terminal manifold connection requirement. Finally, the terminal was requested to arrange for one of the two reducers required for the connection as it was not available on board.
  2. Delay in identifying correct reducer on board: Reducers stowed in the compressor room were rusted and were not marked for their size. It took close to an hour to identify the correct reducer on-board.
  3. Insufficient bolts for manifold connection: sets of bolts for manifold connection were not readily available. It took almost 40 mins to look around for the bolts in the Engine Room.

Corrective Actions

  1. In order to avoid recurrence of such incident vessel must ensure that an early communication is established with the agent and standard email pertaining to terminal information is sent so that vessel gets sufficient time to prepare.
    1. Which side alongside?
    2. Shore Manifold Connection
    3. Type of shore connection chickson arm or flexible hose.
    4. Expected Cargo density
    5. Expected Cargo temperature in Shore Tanks
    6. Max shore allowable pressure at the manifold
    7. Max/ Min allowable loading rate
    8. Length of shore pipeline
    9. Depth at the berth
    10. Max allowable draft at berth
    11. The density of dock water
    12. No. of Mooring lines required for the terminal.
    13. Means of shore access ( Ship Gangway or Shore Gangway).
    14. Any specific requirements/restrictions from shore
  2. Reducers should be nicely painted and clearly marked for their sizes.
  3. Updated Manifold reducer list should be maintained onboard and posted in the designated place for easy identification.
  4. Extra sets of bolts should be readily available on board for Manifold connection.

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