What happened

During the SIRE inspection, a vessel received the following observation:

Two of the accommodation front portholes on the poop deck (CCR deck) were found not to be gas tight. The air was felt (hand contact at porthole frame) coming out from the accommodation through the sealing material in the frame and the seal/ gasket and frame condition appeared poor. Amongst the other front-facing portholes, the frames of 4 such portholes at a higher level appeared to be in a cosmetically poor condition as well.
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This observation shows that the maintenance standards are too low and the vessel is running at a very high risk. As a consequence of this observation, the vessel clearance with Oil Majors is at danger. It is difficult to explain the root causes of such poor attitude to Oil Majors.

Root cause

The root cause of accommodation exterior getting such badly corroded is lack of maintenance (painting) and timely inspection by senior officers.

Corrective actions

  1. Weekly and monthly inspections should be performed by senior officers. All observed defects must be rectified as soon as possible and before any third party inspection.
  2. Accommodation exterior, deck plating and equipment must be properly protected by timely chipping and painting.

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