What happened

A vessel was pointed out by PSC inspector a defect which was concerned about the sulfur content of fuel oil in Port of Rotterdam.
After the vessel arrived at Rotterdam, PSC inspection conducted. Without checking records of changing over fuel oil, the inspector took fresh fuel oil sample from main engine fuel oil service line and analyzed it in a lab. The result of the analysis showed the sulfur content of fuel oil was more than 0.1% which did not comply with current MARPOL regulations.
The vessel was required to refill the fresh low sulfur fuel oil in Fuel Oil Settling Tank and Fuel Oil Service Tank. So the vessel drained off all oil from Low Sulfur Fuel Oil Storage Tanks, Fuel Oil Settling Tank and Fuel Oil Service Tank into FO Overflow Tank.

Root cause

On investigation, it was found that the vessel had used a calculation program and a manual for changing over fuel oil which were not been revised to meet current MARPOL regulation. The calculated time for change over was shorter than actually required.

Corrective actions

  1. Check your manual and calculation program for changing over fuel oil within before entering ECA. If nonconformity found, you should change/revise them to comply with current MARPOL regulation.
  2. Never neglect to change over ALL engines and boiler to low sulfur fuel before entering SECA.

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