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What happened

An offshore diesel bunkering transfer from vessel to installation took place at night. During this bunkering operation, a significant amount of diesel was released into the sea.

Root cause

The direct cause of the spill was a hole in the bunkering hose. The limited visibility during the night may have hindered immediate discovery of the spill. The initial fact-finding showed that there were issues including the design of the bunkering hose station and lack of inspection and maintenance of the bunkering hoses.

Corrective actions

  • Carry out an inspection of bunker station and hoses prior bunkering
  • Check for kinked hoses (potentially creating a weak spot) and do they have the correct amount of floats installed
  • Proper lookout during the bunkering operation must be established
  • Avoid as possible bunkering operations during bad weather and poor visibility including night
  • Avoid submerging couplings when bunkering

posted 01 Jun '18, 08:34

June 1, 2018, 8:34 a.m.
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