During an unmanned period for D/G (Maker: Daihatsu / Type: DK26) single running, the alarms for D/G FO leak and FO low pressure activated. Suddenly, a blackout occurred while the duty engineer was going to the Engine Room. However, the stand-by D/G started automatically and power was soon recovered. When the duty engineer arrived at the site, he found an oil spill in the fuel oil pump space of D/G.

The probable cause is that one of the foundation bolts of No.1 Cylinder FO Pump was cracked and the remaining three nuts became loose due to improper tightening at the time of the last Fuel Pump replacement. The FO Pump started to move up and down along with the movement of the cam, and the repeated movement led to the inlet pipe flange bolts of the Fuel Pump loosening and finally fuel oil leaked. Also, the common outlet pipe for fuel oil was cracked and fuel oil leaked. Eventually a blackout occurred due to a lack of fuel oil supply.

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All foundation nuts should be tightened to their specified torques as per the makers instructions

Typical procedure for FO Pump replacement: 1. Before mounting the fuel pump, open the cam case cover and adjust the base circle position of the cam by turning. 2. Install the Fuel Pump and confirm that it is sitting on the foundation properly. 3. Tighten the foundation nuts evenly with the torque wrench.

Final tightening to be done to the torque specified by the maker.

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