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Main engine (Type: Zulzer RT-flex) failed to start several times during engine trials for departure. The departure was cancelled due to this problem. The problem was finally rectified by replacement of the o-rings of the control valve attached to the starting air shut-off valve (see pictures above).

Probable Cause

It is assumed that the control valve did not work properly due to deterioration of the o-rings. The control valve and starting air shut-off valve had never been overhauled since delivery (around 3 years), even though usage hours of the o-rings had almost reached the lifetime expectancy given in the instruction book.

Suggested Actions

1.While in dock, maintain components of the starting air system as per the recommendations by both main engine and remote-control system manufacturers. Ensure the makers recommendations include critical/important components.

2.Root cause investigations and proper actions shall be taken at an early stage when either a minor trouble or difficult operation is observed with the system.

3.Control air dryer and filters shall be maintained to keep the air quality dry and clean.

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