During the SIRE inspection inspector insisted that OCM monitor to be tested using testing water. He discovered a piping modification of the Oil Content Monitor (OCM) for the Oily Water Separator (OWS). It was implemented by the ships crew to have additional piping able to supply testing water directly to the OCM sample water piping.

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However, it must be noted that Class (a ship classification society) has made the following comment:

-There is no requisition regarding testing water supply piping for OCM in IMO Guidelines

-Modification of the sampling line implemented by ship crew is unnecessary


Any piping modification relating to the OWS and OCM is strictly prohibited to prevent vessel from coming under suspicion of illegal discharge.

Following shall be ensured onboard:

  1. Never modify pipng relating to the OWS and OCM, including the sampling piping.

  2. If and alarm test of the OCM by use of test water is required by an inspector, provide a clear explanation that a test button equipped with the OCM has been approved by the classification society as the proper test method.

  3. When it is necessary to modify piping, not only for OWS relating piping but all other piping on board, contact your ship manager in advance and consult with them in proper manner

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