• A gas carrier shall comply with the requirements of the IGC Code. A deck water spray system shall be installed to provide full and uniform coverage of exposed cargo tanks domes and boundaries of superstructures and deck houses normally manned. Vessel has 11 nozzles of deck water spray system that are clogged and/or not spraying. Nozzles must be serviced and cleaned for proper functioning prior to conducting cargo operations and prior to departing the port.

  • Sanitary accommodations shall have cold and hot fresh water available in all wash spaces. Vessel does not have working hot water in any space but the galley. Provide hot water for all accommodation and wash spaces within 30 days.

  • The paint work of load line mark is flaked off.

  • Fire door in E/R unable closed fully.

  • Self-closing fire doors in ER Kept open by wooden blocks.

  • Inert gas alarm, No alarms from manual release of CO2.

  • ECA fuel change-over procedure not containing technical part on how the change-over is to be done.

  • Uncovered food and additives in galley; fish defrosting in galley sink.

  • Insufficient cleanliness was found at engine room. dirty and oily spots observed at bilges of M/E and near fuel oil high pressure pumps of main engine

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