Chapter 2

  • Vessel equipped with only electronic version of ALL and ATT, however according the Safety Equipment Certificate Form E back up arrangements for electronic publications were not provided.

  • One class survey note was noticed as follows: Thinning Web of Bulwark Bracket Fr. 127 and 128(P/S) to be permanently repair/renew at the owners earliest convenience but not later than next docking survey. Examination to be carried out at every periodical survey.

  • Vessel delivered in 1997. She was not enrolled in a CAP programm.

Chapter 3

  • Officers Matrix was not updated. According the Matrix all officers had the flag endorsement however the Master, 2/O, C/E, 3/E and 4/E had only applied for. Chapter 4

  • The BNWAS panel and one reset button were located in the GMDSS console, behind the curtains. Note that IMO Res. 128(75) required that it should be no possible to cancel the alarm from any device not physically located in areas of the bridge providing proper look out.

  • The paper charts were used as primary means of navigation as per company policy, but big scale chart BA No.1201 was not available for the previous voyage.

Chapter 5

  • Flashback arrestors were not fitted at both oxygen and acetylene cylinders storage places during inspection.

  • Flash flight on the canopy of port side lifeboat was out of working order while it was tested during inspection.

Chapter 8

  • Safe relief valves of cargo tanks were last serviced over 5 years ago.

Chapter 11

  • Engine room was certified UMS by Class however reported always manned. It was reported not reliable due to the age of the ship.

  • The operator subscribed lubricant oil samples for main engine and generator was analyzed every 3 months. Samples of lubricant oil for other machinery and hydraulic machinery were tested every 6 months. Their intervals of test were beyond the time range required.

  • Old turbocharger, general service pump and jacket for liner were improperly stowed. Just fastened with ropes in areas where they could cause damage if loose.

Chapter 12

  • Wire meshes in the vent heads of No.5(P) and No.3(S) were observed damaged during inspection. This finding was rectified before inspector disembarkation.

  • The surface coating of Upper superstructure of accommodation (from boat deck above) port and starboard were peeled off about 5 %.

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