The most frequent PSC deficiencies noted were as follows

  • At the time of inspection Stb side ER fire damper found sized. ER funnel dampers found not closing totally due to control cable inadequate length.

  • At the time of inspection stbd side ER fire damper found sized.

  • At the time of inspection, deck spray system pipe found cracked

  • Several manifold termination flanges found excessively leaking.

  • At the time of inspection holding tank is not included in sewage certificate

  • At the time of inspection no evidence that the ship is provided with an approved discharge rate of sewage.

  • Emergency response technical assistance service ETAS program by Class incomplete performed.

  • Unsafe checker plates above oil pipes on main deck, rusty and same place corroded.

  • Bridge wing door was not gas tight.

  • No EEBD provided for 2nd floor escape route in engine room.

  • Passage plan briefing not recorded

  • Celestial navigation not being practised.

  • Passing of important landmarks/buoys not recorded in bell book.

  • Eductor overboard valve not secured against accidental opening

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