Cooling oil leaking from a broken D/G fuel valve cooling pipe sprayed onto the exhaust gas pipe of the D/G, causing an engine room fire. Heavy smoke prevented the crew from continuing with their initial fire fighting efforts, so they attempted to extinguish the fire by releasing CO2 gas.

However, they released the CO2 without first operating the Quick Closing Valve on the bridge to close the fuel oil supply and valve cooling system, and also some ventilation dampers in inaccessible locations were not in an airtight position. Consequently, their attempts to extinguish the fire were unsuccessful and finally the crew was forced to abandon the ship the next day.

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Below safety checks must never be by-passed and carried out properly in order safety equipment always ready to use:

  • Quick Closing Valves inspected and operation tested

  • Engine room fire flaps regularly turned, greased and airtightness checked

  • CO2 fixed fire fighting system maintained

  • Main and Auxiliary engines fuel and LO piping inspected regularly, joints covered by anti-splashing shields

  • Exhaust gas ducts and collectors thermal insulation in good order

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