Some terminals require that prior Loading, the terminal inspector performed checks to determine the quality of cargo/ Cargo vapor. The cargo samples were drawn from the Tank Drain Line, instead of the designated Sampling line.
The sample drawn from the drain line showed a significant amount of dirt/soot which has led to the conclusion that the Cargo vapor from the tank is contaminated. It is understood this line are not regularly used and is only for Draining purpose. There is a possibility of deposits accumulating in these lines if not used for a long time or drained regularly.

In order to avoid recurrence and cause unnecessary delay at berth, it is advised the ship staff to follow measure as follows:

1) Ship staff must accompany any third party inspector while taking safety rounds on board. If the Inspector request for vapour samples, same must be drawn from the designated sampling point.

2) Please make sure that all the "Top" Middle' and Bottom" Sampling points are clearly marked for easy identification and to avoid any ambiguity. Similar all the Drain lines must be stenciled accordingly.

3) The drain lines must be cleared prior arrival after proper Risk Assessment and taking all safety precautions into consideration.

4) Master to obtain the Quality certificate of Cargo from the Terminal after every Loading is completed.

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