Recently a vessel ran aground while enroute from anchorage to berth with Pilot onboard at full speed. Fortunately, there was No personal injury, Oil Pollution or Hull breach arising from this incident.

The preliminary investigation indicates that the cause of this incident is possibly due to insufficient counteraction was taken against the strong stream crossing the vessels passage in a shallow channel.

As a precautionary advice to avoid recurrence, the following measures to be observed:

  1. While preparing the passage plan, areas with strong cross currents must be highlighted and discussed during the Bridge Team Meeting.

  2. Masters must seek information of areas with strong cross-currents from Pilot.

  3. Effect of external factors i.e. Wind, swell and current must be taken into account no matter how insignificant it appears to be.

  4. Master and Bridge Team members must thoroughly familiarize themselves with the vessels maneuvering characteristics, especially the Pivot point and turning ability.

  5. Master and Bridge Team must heighten their situational awareness when a vessel is under pilotage.

  6. Bridge Team members should not hesitate to use bold engine movement or rudder angles to avoid any danger.

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