The client of Bartech Marine Engineering get frustrated that some double skin fuel pipes supplied by the company didn’t fit his Dorman engine.
The company made pipes for them in the past, and they’d worked fine.
After onsite inspection it turned out, it wasn’t anything to do with the pipes. The pipes fitting the jig perfectly before being sent out. It turned out the pipes were the right profile for another engine on site, but although the second engine matched the same specification and build, there was one significant difference.

The engine had been timed by rotating the fuel pump, so it was no longer in its normal upright position.

The spill timing setting is critical for engine performance as it dictates when the fuel enters the cylinder. This is normally carried out by matching the fuel pump timing to deliver the fuel at the right time during the engine cycle, by either setting the gears or coupling and not by moving the pump.
There are various ways to set the spill timing, depending on the engine type, but it is critical it is carried out correctly, or you could see a loss of power, excess smoke, and other problems with your engine.

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