Recently a vessel reported engine fire.
The crew observed engine ancillaries such as Fuel Oil & Lube Oil filter housings fail due to fatigue. This set fire to one of the engines, which had just recently been overhauled. Some fuel hoses were re-used as they were difficult to obtain, this failed and we narrowly missed another fire.
Cutting corners by not carrying out a “proper” overhaul is creating an unnecessary risk that could cause more downtime, costs and potential injury or even a fatality.
The company expected the hoses to be changed and would have uplifted the purchase order to cover this, but the overhauler was either looking to increase profit, or they were just not proficient in carrying out this type of work.
Even if the hoses are no longer available, there are many credible companies who can make hoses to original samples, so that’s no excuse either.
The biggest problem that could be faced would be if the original fitting types had been discontinued, in which case these can be changed as well.

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