Any one able to describe ME-series combustion monitoring gauges and software with regards to operation and maintenance? Is there dedicated pressure gauge on each cylinder? What issues could happen to it and what maintenance required (cleaning, blowing etc)? How reliable are gauges and what is their typical lifetime? Does COCOS affect engine safety devices i.e. slow-down, shut-down?

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The cylinder pressure gauge is a kind of spacer between cylinder head and indicator cock. If you able to blow the indicator cock then you should be safe with the gauge. There is PMI device comes with the system for possible backup monitoring. Normally there is 2 software supplied: PMI monitoring and CoCos. PMI monitoring used for real-time combustion monitoring. CoCos has several versions with different capabilities from simple monitoring to advances expert ones. Safety system (shutdown and slowdown) separated from CoCos. Besides standard Low LO pressure, overspeed and High Cooling temperature hydraulic liquid leakage monitoring add (trigger slowdown and shutdown). In case troubles with FIVA, booster feedback signal or exhaust valve failure it (the exh. valve) automatically remains in "open" position.

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