What is correct procedure to inspect and clean bearings?

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If no visual signs of damage and wear are present, hold the bearing and rotate the outer race slowly. Never spin it. If any clicking or sticking is found, reclean the bearing. If after cleaning the condition still exits, replace the bearing.

Thrust bearing or tapered roller bearings can be inspected in the same way, except place the bearing on a clean surface and lightly apply hand pressure and rotate the bearing.

If the bearings are not to be reinstalled at once, wrap them in a clean, oil-proof paper, place in a clean box and store in a dry, dust-free place. When the bearings are found to be damaged, the cause must be determined or it may occur again when the new bearings is installed.

When bearings may be reinstalled, inspect them carefully. If some doubt exists whether or not to replace the bearing, use this reasoning: if frequent inspections are given and the bearing is easy to replace then the risk of failure may not be so great; however, if infrequent inspection take place and the bearing is difficult to remove and install, then the doubtful part should be replaced with a new one.

If the bearings have seals or shields, also inspect them for damage and wear. In case the seals are not removable and they are damaged or worn, the whole bearing must be replaced. Be sure to replace those seals that are replaceable if they are defective. Worn or damaged seals will allow dirt and moisture to enter the bearing and shorter bearing life.

Visually inspect the exterior of the bearing for cracks in the races, dented seals, and broken or damaged separators, balls or rollers. if the bearings has been overheated, it will be a brownish blue or bluish black color. If any of these signs are found, the bearing should be replaced.

Inspect separable bearings for pitted, scratched or flaked balls, rollers, or races. replace the bearing if any of these signs of damage are found.

The inner surfaces and roller elements in a suspected non-separable bearing may be examined with either a small flashlight or reflected light from a strong light source. any visible pits or scratches are signs of damage and the bearing should be replaced.

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