Which precautions to be followed during the installation or removal of ball and roller bearings?

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Don't hurry. Most hasty bearing installation result in early bearing failure.

Do not unwrap the bearing until they are required for installation under no condition mount the bearing by exerting force over or through the roller elements.

Do not wash a new bearing as this will remove the protective film.

Seized bearings can be removed easier by using of heat.

After a bearing (used) has been cleaned, it should receive a coating of oil.

When installing a ball bearing onto a shaft be careful not to press on the outer race of a bearing.

If an oil bath being used, the temperature should not go above 120 C.

To position a bearing on a shaft using a hammer use a mounting tube with plate or a hardwood block.

Bearings should be checked for free movement after they are mounted on the shaft.

Do proper shafts alignment. Ball and roller bearings that are misaligned usually shorten their operating life.

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