What start up checks required for a centrifugal pump?

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May 20, 2017, 9 p.m.
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  • Check that line valves setup properly (suction open).

  • If pump was not run for a long time turn it by hand.

  • Make sure pump primed i.e. has liquid inside. Pump must not be run dry.

  • Drain air if drain cock available. Some pumps have priming unit for that purpose.

  • After starting of pump check:

    • If pump was repaired previously and el motor disconnected (3 phase) check direction of rotation.
    • Discharge pressure at nominal. If it is not built up the air probably inside the pump or valves setup incorrectly.
    • Working current of running pump must be stable. If current increase observed the cause must be investigated.
    • Abnormal noise and vibration, which may say about internal failure (bearing, impeller) or cavitation.
    • Pump body temperature. It should be approx of the same temperature as the liquid being pumped. Significant increase signalize reduced or seized discharge flow
    • Seal leakage. Must be not leakage in case of mechanical seal and drop-like leakage for cooling in case of gland packing type seal
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