What troubles experienced with deck spray systems? Give hints and best practices to avoid them.

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Two main trouble sources with the deck spray:
1) Lack of knowledge and
2) Lack of maintenance.

The system must be well studied by the responsible officer (Chief Officer) in order to be operated properly and correct guideline and orders to be given to the crew. As an example: there was a situation during USCG inspection the vessel was asked to start the deck spray and they initially started the Bilge and GS pump thereby having very little pressure in the system. The ship subsequently started the second generator and then the water spray pump.
Testing of the deck spray system should only be done by the dedicated deck spray pump. The line up of the system should always be ready for immediate starting of the deck spray pump at any time. Vessels are normally designed so that a single generator can take full harbor load including that of the spray pump. It is imperative to ensure that all emergency equipment are available for use at short notice at all times.

It is noted that the older vessels would have rust developing inside the piping which will choke the nozzles. When testing the deck spray lines please check and ensure that the nozzles are maintained clear.

Maintenance recommendations:

  1. At the end of a piping if a flange is available then it should be opened up and line flushed out of all dirt and rust.

  2. When testing the deck spray line have a team ready to inspect all the nozzles and ensure that they are clear.

  3. Any clogged nozzles to be dismantled and cleaned at once.

  4. Keep the spray pump regularly tested and in good condition.

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