Which cold weather precautions to be followed for Engine Room and other Machinery Spaces?

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Here is a common checklist which should be modified according to vessel particulars:

  1. Reduce ventilation to the engine room and provide shields to avoid direct impingement of cold air on control and gauging systems.
  2. Sea water inlet temperature to the main engine and auxiliaries should be monitored carefully.
  3. If the ship is capable of re-circulating sea water, part of the overboard discharge can be directed to the sea suction by cracking open the overboard discharge valve.
  4. Monitor suction and discharge pressures of seawater pumps carefully.
  5. Open steam injection to sea chest if there is any sign of ice formation.
  6. Open tracing steam to machinery protected by this system and ensure circulation.
  7. Level in Fresh Water tanks to be maintained at 90% or lower. Re-circulate hot water if required.
  8. Level in Fuel tanks to be maintained at 85% or lower.
  9. Level in stern tube cooling water tanks should be kept at 90%or lower and the temperature monitored.
  10. Temperature in fuel oil tanks must be monitored and maintained at 45 deg C as a minimum.
  11. Lube Oil and Heavy Oil purifiers should be run continuously.
  12. Performance of Main Engine cylinder Oil lubricator pumps should be monitored for any non-flow alarm.
  13. Clean diesel oil filters daily to prevent wax formation.
  14. Drain air lines frequently to ensure moisture free operation of control systems including the deck air- line.
  15. Keep control air dryers running continuously.
  16. Keep oily water separator drained of all water.
  17. Ensure that all space heaters have been switched on.
  18. One Auxiliary Engine should always be kept standby in Diesel Oil mode for emergency use.
  19. Main Engine must not be operated in the UMS mode when transiting through ice.

Sanitary System

  1. Maintain a small flow of water through the sanitary system.
  2. Add a small amount of antifreeze to unused drain traps and toilets in exposed spaces such as exterior toilets and toilets in exposed spaces such as Suez Canal cabins.
  3. Apply heating to sanitary holding tank, if fitted.

Hydraulic Pump Rooms

  1. Switch on space heaters.
  2. Close vents to the compartment.
  3. Check that the hydraulic fluid is designed for cold weather operation.
  4. Switch on heaters to oil reservoir tanks where provided.

Steering Gear Room

  1. Switch on space heaters.
  2. One hydraulic pump should be run continuously, in port and at anchor.
  3. Close vent to the steering gear compartment.
  4. Insulate Fresh Water lines, valves and filling line.

Bow Thruster Room

  1. Switch on space heaters.
  2. Close vent to the bow thruster compartment.
  3. Drain fire line completely within the space.
  4. Ensure that the hydrant has been closed after draining.
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