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Machinery, Equipment & Alarms is defined as 'critical' when it's failure has the potential to:
- Cause major or extensive injury to human
- Subject the vessel to un-seaworthy conditions which could result in loss of the crew, vessel or cargo
- Cause damage to the environment
- Cause major or extensive exposure to toxic or chemical gases, causing long-term effect or fatality
- Cause major or serious client dissatisfaction resulting in off-hire or loss of charter and/or major or extensive damage to own or other assets

All jobs related to the critical machinery, equipment and alarms must be given highest priority when planning and executing maintenance schedules.

Below is the generic list of critical machinery, equipment and alarms. Actual list depends on the equipment installed onboard. - Oil water separator and monitoring equipment
- Bilge pump
- Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Equipment (ODMC)
- Emergency generator
- Emergency air compressor
- Emergency fire pump
- Fire detection system
- Fixed fire extinguishing system
- Fixed gas detection system and Pump room fixed Gas detection system (For tankers)
- M/E shut down and Crankcase Oil Mist detector alarms
- Cargo pump protection alarms including cargo pump temperature sensors on tankers
- Lifeboat Engines
- Main Steering gear
- Cargo system alarms (Including ESD valves)

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