What are correct procedures to receive bunkers using Mass Flow Meter?

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Ships crew should carry out the opening sounding or ullaging of vessels bunker tanks prior commencement of bunker operations to determine the opening ROB. At the same time at least one Engineer officer to attend the bunker tanker to witness the below procedures:

  1. Ensure the integrity of MFM system. MFM system required to have no by-pass after the meter. Any pass-by system on bunker tankers shall be blanked out and sealed. All bunker tankers installed with the MFM are to maintain latest seal verification report and metering system diagram indicating all sealing points. The vessel representative and bunker surveyor are required to check and ensure all listed seals are intact. They shall sign on the Mass Flow Meter Seal Checklist to indicate that seals are intact. The same should be done for the closing procedure. Other than the Mass Flow Metering System Seal Checklist, the Meter Reading Record Form and Bunker Metering Ticket generated by the system will provide additional layer of security. If during any point of the bunker operation that any of the sealing points seal is broken or tempered vessel should refuse to commence. If decided to continue the bunker transfer the operator must be informed and Note of Protest issued. After all sealing points on bunker tanker are checked and confirmed integrity, as well as the checklist is completed, then check the flow meters readings and record on your checklist
  2. Proceed to Bunker Tankers Cargo Control Room (CCR) to witness the opening figure from the MFM computer screen. The earlier recorded Totalizer loading and delivery figure should match with the MFM computer screen with the same item. Please note that the Totalizer Loading and Delivery Figure are non-resettable (accumulated since MFM installed), whilst Total Loaded is resettable. Prior commencement of the bunker operations Total Loaded should always be ZERO. Ensure Reset total is pressed before starting of bunker operations. Ensure System status showing OK otherwise contact operator. Taking a photo evidence recommended.
  3. Fill in the meter reading record form (delivery) Section A - Before delivery. Do not pre-sign any item listed in the Section B - After delivery column prior completion of bunker. Please note that flow within MFM is bi-directional. Same meter used for loading and discharge. Therefore both loading and delivery figures are equally important to determine the final delivery quantity.
  4. Bunker operation can commence after all usual steps described in your companys Operations manual.
  5. Upon completion of bunker operations vessel representative should repeat the same procedure as above mentioned 1 and 2 - all sealing points are checked and confirmed integrity as well as note down all readings from various meters.
  6. Proceed to CCR with bunker tanker cargo officer. Cross check all meters readings with MFM computer screen located in CCR
    1. Tanks note of MFM computer Total Delivered figure. It will be used as BDN figure. Ensure that this figure matches the alleging figure of your vessel. If this figure does not match with more than 0.5 percent variance please proceed to bunker dispute resolution procedure
    2. Cross check whether any change from the opening figure you recorded
    3. Note down other figures from MFM computer scree in your checklist (air index, observed density, standard density)
    4. Check System Status is OK
    5. If all ok you can agree Operation Complete
  7. Fill in the meter reading record form Section B-After Delivery. Ensure this part is not profiled with any figure before completion of bunker.
  8. Proceed to print out the bunker metering receipt. Make a photo copy of it.
  9. Fill in the BDN together with bunker tanker officer. Attach the metering ticket to the BDN. Make pho copy of all signed documents. Please note the COQ (cert of quality) density at 15 deg Celsius, kg/m3, shall be recorded in BDN. This density and COQ shall be obtained from the bunker tanker cargo officer. If COQ is not available a Note of Protest should be issued.
  10. If before bunkering operations the MFM is not working contact operator for instructions and issue NOP accordingly. Bunker tanker personnel should report this to authority immediately. In the event that metering stoppage or failure discovered in the middle of bunkering pumping shall cease immediately and meter totalizer readings recorded. Contact operator and issue NOP. Tank gauging shall be used to determine the remaining quantity to be delivered and separate BDN shall be issued. The final quantity delivered shall be sum of the quantities determined from meter readings and tank gauging recorded in the respective BDNs.
  11. If any dispute at the end of the delivery regarding delivered quantity the Chief Engineer to re-witness the meter totalizer readings and carry out the following:
    1. re-check all sealing points based on the sealing plan and confirm all seals listed in the seal verifications report are intact
    2. confirm that all relevant lines have not been modified from that as stated in the bunker piping diagram
    3. obtain and examine photocopies of the relevant pages of the bunker tankers Meter Totalizer Log showing all the totalizer movements related to the bunker delivery
    4. examine and obtain copies of bunker tanker certificates:
      1. Meter Calibration Certificate
      2. Meter System Diagram and Sealing Points
      3. Meter Seal Verification Report
      4. Meter Zero Verification Report
      5. Cargo system piping diagram
      6. Mass Flow Metering Procedures for Bunkering
      7. Mass Flow Metering System Approval Letter
      8. Copy of Enhanced bunker Cargo Officer course certificates
  12. If any of the preceding steps are disallowed the reasons shall be recoded in a note of protest by the Chief Engineer
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