Which periodic checks and tests of Critical, Safety and Marpol equipment conducted on board and how often?

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Below is generic list of period mandatory checks and tests. It may be different from vessel to vessel as depends on actual equipment installed.

Weekly routines

  1. Engine room Bilge High Level Alarms activation
  2. Fuel oil leak alarm activation (Main Engine & Aux Engine)
  3. Oily water Separator 15ppm Alarm activation and 3 way valve operational test
  4. Refer Chamber (provision store) Lock-in alarm activation
  5. Crank Case Mist detector alarm test
  6. Fire Detector Tests (each detectors to be tested at least once within 3 months)
  7. Fire pump & Emergency Fire pump test run (including testing of priming pump)
  8. Foam pump inspection.
  9. Emergency Generator Test Run
  10. Lifeboat /Rescue boat Engines Test Run
  11. Fire Flaps / Funnel Damper Operational test
  12. Emergency air compressor test run
  13. Emergency Lighting function test
  14. Earth fault test of Main and Emergency Switchboards (440VAC & 110/220V AC)
  15. Engineer call Alarm / Deadman's Alarm (on UMS Class vessels)
  16. Steering Gear inspection.
  17. Dempers of all fans to be checked and tried out.
  18. Water mist (Hyper mist) ER panels inspection.
  19. CO2 Remote system panel inspection.
  20. DCP remote system panel inspection
  21. Fire alarm panel inspection
  22. Water spray pump panel inspection.
  23. Main & Emergency fire pump panel inspection.

Monthly routines

  1. Incinerator alarms activation (High temperature / flame Failure)
  2. Main Boiler / Aux boiler / Economiser Alarms
  3. Nitrogen Generator/Inert Gas Plant Test run, System Alarm test, Non return Valve/Deck seal Inspection
  4. Steering gear alarms activation (Oil Level , Rudder angle limits, Overload, Phase failure, Power loss)
  5. Emergency Bilge Suction Valve inspection
  6. Hypermist System Test run
  7. Cargo tank Water spray system test run (including testing of remote valves)
  8. Inspection of Loose Gear, slings & Chain blocks, Eye pads
  9. Inspection of Door Closures & Door packing for Class 'A' doors leading to Machinery space

Quarterly routines

  1. Emergency Steering
  2. Quick Closing valves for Machinery space (including Emergency generator) activation
  3. Main Engine emergency manoeuvring test (testing from local control station)

Half-yearly routines

  1. Emergency Generator On-load test / Black out test (Test Parameters to be recorded)
  2. CO2 line blow through test
  3. Megger Test of Electrical Motors (to check each electrical motor at least once within Six months)

Anual routines

  1. Calibration of pressure gauges and thermometers.
  2. Bunker lines pressure test
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