What could be the cause if the engine turns on air but when attempted to start on fuel stops?

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June 8, 2017, 3:11 a.m.
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Load indicator remains in position "0"

Possible causes:

1) The fuel adjustment handle is in the "0" position.
2) The fuel control linkage(s) are clamped (jammed) or blocked.
3) The local control (emergency control) handle is in the wrong position.
4) The defective governor does not allow the fuel supply.
5) Pneumatic interlocking valves activated and stops fuel supply. The same could happen if there are air leakages in the control air system. CHECK:
a) put the telegraph handle forward;
b) engage turning gear and turn the engine ahead;
c) if the interlock actuator does not release the fuel pump rail, check the integrity of the blocking control air system;
d) remove and replace the defective interlock valve(s) or replace the diaphragm, O-rings, seals etc. in it.
6) The tripping actuator has stopped in the disconnected position. 7) The directional interlock failed or seized in the opposite direction of rotation.
8) The emergency stop button is stuck in the "STOP" position or its circuit failed and gives Stop signal.
9) The control air tubes were incorrectly connected after disassembly.
10) The control air pipes are blocked or have leakages.

The load indicator moves to the "10" position, but no fuel is supplied to the cylinders.

Possible causes:

1) Fuel injection pumps, high-pressure pipes and injectors were not properly primed and vente (air was not released).
2) Fuel supply is closed or pipes blocked.
3) Fuel is supplied at too low a pressure.
4) The injection pump plungers are lifted by a manual disconnect device.
5) The injection pump plungers stuck in upper position.
6) Improperly regulated phases of the fuel pump.
7) The puncture valve of the injection pump has activated.
8) The oil and water pressure is too low (starting interlock activated).
9) Electrical fail of safety tripping circuit (starting interlock activated).
10) Previously activated trips not reset (starting interlock remains activated).
11) The injection valves priming valves remained open.
12) The control air tubes were incorrectly connected after disassembly.

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