What are first checks incoming Chief Engineer must perform on Oily Water Separator during the handover?

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May 18, 2018, 3:02 p.m.
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During handover, the incoming Chief Engineer must check the following in Oily Water separate / Oil Content Monitor:

  1. OCM time - whether it corresponds with the UTC timings. The OCM system time must be set to UTC. If time setting is different from UTC, set it properly and an entry for the same must be written in the ORB in the category 'I'.
  2. OWS/OCM functioning - carry out 15ppm alarm simulation check as per maker's instruction. Ensure alarm is triggered and the 3-way valve solenoid activated.
  3. OCM backup battery - service life is 2 years. If a battery is 2 years old or older, replace it.
  4. OCM history - the timings in the OCM must match with timings as recorded in the ORB. This checked concordance checked by various inspectors and must be strictly kept.

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