is there any class rule or requierement for the cargo pipeline pressure test on board LPG vessel ?

If there is . What is the periodicity for this testi on board an LPG vessel)?

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The class normally requires cargo pipeline pressure test:

  1. When commissioning the cargo system on vessel delivery
  2. During the Class renewal survey. Cargo piping on deck and cargo and ballast piping within the tanks are to be examined and operationally tested to working pressure to attending Surveyor’s satisfaction to ensure that tightness and condition remain satisfactory. The Surveyor may require dismantling and/or thickness measurements of piping. A hydraulic test is to be carried out in the event of repair or dismantling of cargo or ballast piping, or where doubts arise. For ships over 10 years of age, selected steel cargo pipes outside cargo tanks, cargo/slop discharge pipes passing through ballast tanks and void spaces and ballast pipes passing through cargo tanks are to be:
    • subjected to thickness measurement at random, or selected pipe lengths are to be opened for internal inspection
    • pressure tested to the maximum working pressure.
  3. After major repair or modification of cargo pipeline.

However, OCIMF requires all cargo pipelines should be tested to 1.50 times their rated working pressure at least annually and be marked with the date of test and the pressure. Keep testing cargo pipelines annually and stay safe. Remember to issue a certificate signed by Master, Chief Officer and Chief Engineer.

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