Which deficiencies found by Port State Control related to sewage system could lead to detention?

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April 10, 2017, 6:39 a.m.
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Below listed most recently seen sewage plant related observation:

1.Sewage plant internal waxy / greasy and dried up. System internal circulation not functional. Sewage plant air compressor faulty an internal circulation hose clouded

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2.The unit is not sealed correctly, causing improper smell. Sewage always smells. Sometimes bad, sometimes sweet. But it smells. There is no way to get the tanks gas tight.

3.Non-certified tanks in use for the storage of sewage (such as WBTs). The holding tank must be indicated in 1.3 of the ISPP Certificate. This is typically seen on smaller ships who have longer stays within port limits and limited sewage storage.

4.Sewage plant found by-passed. It is not acceptable when it is by-passed to overboard. Sewage must be either treated or held in tank.

5.Inlet valve of the treatment tank found seized

6.Visual level indicators of holding tank in poor condition

7.Air compressor(s) not operational or faulty (blades, bearings)

8.No disinfectant supplied to dosing device

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