How to properly maintain greasing of deck equipment i. e. mooring winches? What is the re-greasing period?

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Greasing and lubrication is a very important feature of any running machinery maintenance.

1.Grease points must be identified and clearly marked.

2.Grease nipples must be well maintained, free from rust/paint and timely replaced if failed.

3.On a monthly basis carry out the greasing in a sincere manner, ensure that the grease has reached the bearing. Old grease flows out.

4.Greasing must be done while turning the windlass/winch.

5.Chief Engineer to oversee and assist Chief officer in carrying out this routine

Failure to follow this simple rules leads to major equipment failure and unnecessary and costly repairs. F. e. the gear may start fail to be engaged as the gear wheel bearing had failed due to lack of lubrication as happened on one vessel. The vessel had to be off hired for almost 4 days, taken to a yard and repairs were required to be carried out. The total costs for the repairs were over USD100000. This was also a finding during a SIRE inspection and the oil majors subsequently rejected the vessel. There are several greasing points on a windlass/winch. Most of these were found choked, painted over and also the routines were not being carried out in a proper manner.

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