What actions should be undertaken by the Officer on Watch during Blackout?

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  1. Inform Master
  2. Display the Not Under Command lights or shapes as necessary.
  3. Acknowledge all alarms.
  4. Check for any traffic in the immediate vicinity. Should any vessel pose a threat then the whistle, Aldis lamp, and VHF may be utilized to mitigate the threat. If the vessel is totally blacked out with no battery power then the SOLAS VHF walkie-talkies may be used.
  5. Issue a SECURITY message to all stations on VHF Ch.16 (156.8 MHz)
  6. Check for the proximity of any navigational hazards.
  7. Fix and record the vessels position – GPS operates on battery mode.
  8. Additional manning to the Bridge if required.
  9. Engage manual steering and steer away from the nearest hazard. Note that with the emergency generator you can use the port steering motor – No 2.
  10. If time permits switch radars to standby mode, and computers off.
  11. Communicate with the Engine Room as to the cause of the blackout and as to the expected duration of any maintenance prior to normal services being resumed.
  12. If the blackout looks to be prolonged, and if conditions so warrant it, consider the use of anchors, and call relevant manpower.
  13. A concise and chronological recording of events in the Deck Operations Log is required.
  14. Following due consultation with the Engine Room, put the telegraph back to the stop position since it will require resetting for Bridge Control functions. Engine Room Control may be required.
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