What is most dangerous in the Enclosed Space?

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  1. Petroleum vapours
    The vapours from petroleum products are toxic when inhaled. Comparatively small quantities can dull the sense of smell and may cause symptoms of diminished responsibility and dizziness, similar to drunkenness with headache, tingling fingers (sign of oxygen starvation to the brain, cerebral anoxia.) and irritation to eyes. In sufficient quantities they can be fatal. These symptoms can occur at concentrations well below the lower limits of flammability. However petroleum gases vary in their physiological effects and human tolerance to these varies widely and it should not be assumed that because conditions can be tolerated, vapour concentration is not flammable. Since the vapours from petroleum including particularly Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), dull the sense of smell, the absence of smell is not a reliable indication of absence of such vapour.
  2. Oxygen Deficiency
    An enclosed compartment, although free of petroleum gas, may be deficient in oxygen on account of rusting which gradually extracts oxygen from the air. There can be a similar hazard in newly painted compartments which are insufficiently ventilated. Oxygen deficiency should therefore be suspected in any compartment which has been closed for any length of time. Such a compartment should be thoroughly ventilated before entry. Inerted tanks should not be entered without breathing apparatus until ventilation with air has restored oxygen to normal level.
  3. Inert Gas plant operation.
    The use of inert gas in the cargo tanks of tankers and gas carriers or in the inter-barrier spaces of gas carriers results in only minimal amounts of oxygen being present. Extreme care must be taken when entering spaces adjacent to void spaces containing inert gas, e.g.: Ballast Tanks, Duct Keel
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