What is the procedure in case of steering failure?

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Sept. 1, 2018, 4:55 p.m.
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  1. Inform Master.
  2. Change over the steering Motor.
  3. If steering not restored switch over/reboot control systems.
  4. Display Not Under Command lights or shapes as necessary.
  5. Sound Appropriate Sound Signals.
  6. Switch Over from Gyro to NFU.
  7. If still steering not under command then prepare to steer from the emergency steering gear.
  8. Slow down or stop the vessel if required.
  9. Issue a SECURITY message to all stations on VHF Ch.16 (156.8 MHz)
  10. Modify AIS status message to communicate relevant information.
  11. Check for the proximity of any navigational hazards.
  12. Fix and record the vessels position.
  13. Arrange additional manning to the Bridge if required.
  14. Communicate with the Engine Room as to the cause of the breakdown and the expected duration of any maintenance required prior to normal services being resumed.
  15. If the steering is impossible even in emergency mode consider the use of anchors, and call relevant manpower.
  16. Inform VTS or port authority if in controlled or similarly monitored waters.
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