What maintenance routines for fire extinguishers carried out on board?

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Monthly Maintenance
Carried by the responsible person on the ship (3rd officer). If the extinguishers are found to be in satisfactory condition then the responsible officer signs against the month on the tag which is tied fast across the extinguisher.
During monthly tests following to be checked:

  1. Ensure easy access. Make sure the extinguisher is in its proper spot, visible and easy to access.
  2. Check the seals. Look over the tamper seal and safety seal to make sure they are intact.
  3. Check the pressure. Many fire extinguishers have a pressure gauge that indicates whether the device is in the proper operating range. If yours has one, check to make sure that the gauge's needle indicates proper pressure. If the fire extinguisher has a test indicator, press it to make sure the pressure reading is within the correct range.
  4. Look for physical damage. Visible signs of damage, such as corrosion, leakage or a clogged nozzle, may mean it's time to replace the extinguisher.
  5. The nozzle or other parts are not hindered in any way. The nozzle of the fire extinguisher should not have any blockages or damaged in a way which may result in the fire extinguisher not to function in an efficient way during an emergency.

Annual Maintenance
Carried by the recognized shore company. Annual Maintenance tags are placed on the extinguishers which are found satisfactory during the test.

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