When checking the diesel engine jacket water header tanks as part of the routine watch checks the engine room watch rating finds the level is well below normal. What action should be taken?

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  1. The person who observed the low level should top up the header tank
  2. The duty engineer must be informed.
  3. Duty personnel must find out the root cause of low level in the tank. It could be a simple human error (didn't fill up the tank for a long time) or leakage due to the breakdown.
  4. If the leakage found on the engine side or pipeline the Chief Engineer must be informed and further actions assessed.
  5. The leakage must be seized ASAP. Engine and/or part of the cooling system shutdown may be required.
  6. In case of the leakage on the Main Engine or the diesel generator working online, Chief Engineer must make a decision when to stop the engine in a safest possible way. The Bridge must be informed and permission required.
  7. In some cases, the engine cannot be stopped or leakage cannot be rectified immediately. The ER must be manned while the breakdown condition exists and extra attention from the Duty Engineer/oiler must be given to keep the leakage minimized and level in the header tank in working limits.
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