How should be conducted the mooring of the vessel?

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  1. First of all, establish the communication between the mooring station and bridge.
  2. Switch on the mooring power packs of winches. During cold weather let them run 10-15 minutes in advance in order hydraulic oil to heat up to normal working temperature.
  3. Master informs the mooring station about the mooring plan after discussing it with the pilot: which side the ship will be alongside, which line will be sent ashore first (Spring line, Breast line, Head/ Stern Line).
  4. Mooring ropes should be laid on the deck for ready to letting go.
  5. Appropriate gear of the mooring drum is engaged which is supposed to go first.
  6. The heaving line prepared.
  7. As soon as the ship reaches near the birth Master will inform the mooring stations about when to let go the heaving line.
  8. Heaving line with the monkey fist end will be thrown ashore and bridge to be informed.
  9. Mooring ropes sent ashore by the heaving line as ordered by the master in accordance with the mooring plan.
  10. Send one/ two ropes at a time as required by the linesman.
  11. When the rope is on the bollard then heave the line and tighten it.
  12. Put the brakes on the drum.
  13. Disengage the gear as required.
  14. Inform bridge about the mooring line being fast.
  15. Repeat the process for all the mooring ropes as per the plan and at the end inform the bridge about all fast.
  16. Make sure all the brakes of the drums are tight.
  17. Disengage all gears.
  18. Put the Rat Guards on the mooring ropes.
  19. Switch of the hydraulic power packs.
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