Which safety precautions and good practices to be followed when working on steam plants, pipeline, valves etc?

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Accidents which occur involve scalding by steam or hot liquids or burns from hot surfaces often happen on board. Every hot vessel or machine and every container of scalding liquid should be regarded as a potential danger, capable of causing injury and adequate precautions should be taken.

  1. Where high-pressure steam is used, the supply pressure should be regulated to ensure excessive steam cannot be applied to any machine.
  2. Monitor the steam system integrity. Any steam leakage must be rectified at the early stage.
  3. Remember that superheated steam is an unseen hazard. Leaks will often be detected by noise and the greatest care must be taken if you suspect any leakage.
  4. Before allowing or undertaking work below the engine room plates inform the duty personnel to ensure against accidental discharge of steam, from burner cleaning, drains, gauge glass blowdown, etc.
  5. When working on equipment with a steam supply, close the steam supply, drain the steam and let the equipment to cool down. Remove a section of pipe on the steam supply side, blank off the end on the steam supply side, leave the pipe removed during the period of work.
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