What equipment must carry any Life Boat?

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  1. Sufficient Buoyant Oars Sufficient buoyant oars to make headway in clam seas together with a set of thole pins, crutches or their equivalent.
  2. 2 × Boat Hooks To be used in fending away from the ship side.
  3. 1 × Buoyant bailer and 2 × Buckets It is used to remove water from the life boat manually. Buckets should have lanyard spliced on to the handles for securing it to the structure of the boat.
  4. 1 × Survival Manual It contains life survival instructions.
  5. Compass Binnacle A binnacle containing an efficient compass which is luminous or provided with suitable means of luminous or provided with suitable means of illumination. Compass must be marked in 5° graduation.
  6. 1 × Sea Anchor A sea anchor of adequate size fitted with shock resistant hawser and tripping line which provides a firm hand grip when wet.
  7. 2 × Painters Two efficient painter so of a length equal to not less than twice the storage height of the lifeboat to the water line in the lightest sea going condition.
  8. 2 × Hatchets (Axes) Stowed one at each end of the lifeboat. It is common practice to cover the metal head of the axe with a canvas protective cover to prevent the metal from corrosion. They must be readily available and attached to the boat by means of lanyard. Survival Manual
  9. Water tight receptacles Water tight receptacles containing a total of 3 litres of freshwater for each person the lifeboat is permitted to accommodate. 1 litre of this amount may be replaced by a chemical de salting apparatus capable of producing an equal amount of fresh water in 2 days. The water is 0.5 litres per person per day. Water is issued in morning, mid-day and at the time of sunset.
  10. 1 × Dipper A rust proof dipper with a lanyard, used for extracting fresh water from the containers. The lanyard should be long enough to reach the bottom of any water tank.
  11. 3 × drinking vessel Rust Proof drinking containers are there to give water for drinking to the people in the lifeboat.
  12. Food Ration A food ration totalling not less than 10,000 kilo joules for each person the lifeboat is permitted to accommodate. These rations shall be kept in air tight packaging and be stowed in a water tight container. The ration should be so distributed that it lasts for 4 days initially.
  13. 4 × Rocket Parachute Flares
  14. 6 × Hand Flares
  15. 2 × Buoyant Smoke Signals
  16. 1 × Torch Water proof electric torch suitable for Morse Signalling, together with one spare bulb and one spare set of batteries in a water proof container.
  17. 1 × Daylight Signalling Mirror Daylight signalling mirror or heligraph with instructions for its use for signalling to ship and aircraft. The sun rays can be reflected up to 5 nautical miles to ships and up to 20 nautical miles to aircrafts. Hatchet
  18. 1 × Life Saving Signal Table Lifesaving signals table on a water proof card or in a water proof container.
  19. 1 × Whistle Whistle or equivalent sound signal. Normally of plastic construction. This will allow its use in the cold weather without discomfort to the user.
  20. First Aid Kit A first-aid kit in a water proof casing capable of being closed tightly after use; should be renewed after 3 years.
  21. 6 × Anti-Sea sickness medicine and 1 × sea sickness bag per person The anti-sea sickness medicine is normally in the tablet form. Anti-sea sickness pills must be given to everyone in the craft and if anyone refuses to take, force him to take as recommended by manufacturer.
  22. 1 × Jack Knife A jack knife to be kept attached to the boat by lanyard. The blade normally incorporate a tine opener and screw driver and a small hand spike is usually attached.
  23. 3 × Tin Openers
  24. 2 × Buoyant Rescue quoits Buoyant rescue quoits, attached to not less than 30 meters of buoyant line. These are normally stowed in the small gear locker.
  25. 1 × Manual Pump A manual pump is used to pump-out water usually fixed to the structure of the boat. It is fitted with an easily removed lower to allow cleaning and the suction and contains a gauze filter to avoid blockage of the system.
  26. 1 × Fishing Tackle Set The fishing tackle is provided to keep the survivors busy or pass time.
  27. Sufficient tools Sufficient tools to allow minor adjustments to the engine and its accessories.
  28. 1 × Fire Extinguisher Portable fire extinguishing equipment suitable for extinguishing oil fire.
  29. 1 × Search Light A search light, capable of effectively illuminating a light colored object at night having a width of 1m at a distance of 10m, for total period of 6 hours and of working continuously for not less than 3 hours period.
  30. 1 × RADAR Reflector
  31. Thermal Protective Aids Thermal Protective Aids which comply with the regulations, in sufficient number of 10% of the total number of persons that the lifeboat is permitted to accommodate or two, whichever is the greater.
  32. 2 × Match Boxes Match Boxes to be in water tight container (Open Life boats only)
  33. 3 × Immersion Suits In open lifeboats only
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