What is the method to clean fouled anchor?

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Nov. 4, 2018, 10:37 a.m.
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  • Heaves up on both cables to bring the foul turns above the water and lash both cables together with a natural fiber lashing.
  • Pass a wire preventer around the sleeping cable, down from the turns. This will reduce the weight on the turns and serve to secure the sleeping cable should the end be lost.
  • Walk back on the sleeping cable, to bring the next joining shackle conveniently forward of the windlass. Rig a temporary easing wire to a point forward of this shackle, so that it can take the weight of the sleeping cable when the shackle is broken.
  • Reeve a wire rope messenger from the windlass drum overside, the wire should be a cargo runner or other similar wire.
  • Take half a turn abut the riding cable with this cargo runner wire. This turn should be made in the opposite direction to the fou! turns in the cable.
  • Pass the end of the wire messenger up through the hawse pipe of the sleeping cable and secure it to the end of the sleeping cable.
  • Heave away on the wire messenger and at the same time ease out on the easing wire, heaving the end of the sleeping cable up towards the fairleads, and thus removing half turn from the foul cables.

This procedure should be repeated, removing half turn at any one time, until the foul cables are

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