What is normally included in the Standing Orders for Deck Officers?

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Standing Orders are rules to be followed by the Duty Officer in Master's absence on the Bridge. Normally posted on the bridge and signed by all members of the Bridge Team. Must be accompanied with Night Orders which Master should write in the Night Order book every evening.
A typical template for Standing Orders:

  1. At no time the bridge is to be left unattended.
  2. Maintain proper lookout by hearing or visual at all times.
  3. Plot the vessel's position at regular intervals.
  4. Check the compass error once in every watch.
  5. Do not hesitate to use all available means to ensure the safe navigation of the vessel such as whistle, lights, engine, and radar.
  6. Call for additional manpower if necessary, such as lookout and helmsman.
  7. Call Master in any of the following condition:
  8. Visibility drops below 3nm.
  9. Any movements of other vessel causing concern
  10. Difficulty in maintaining course.
  11. Failure to sight land or navigational mark or obtain soundings at expected time.
  12. Breakdown of main engine or steering failure.
  13. Heavy weather receipt of urgency or distress signals.
  14. Any other reasons which deemed necessary.
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