How a hydrostatic test of a boiler made?

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  • Clean the boiler thoroughly both on the fire sides and the water sides.
  • See that all workers are clear.
  • See that all foreign matter, tools, rags, etc., are removed from the boiler, and close up the manholes and handholes.
  • All valves on the boiler must be in good condition. All valves except those through which the water for the test is to be let into the boiler should be closed.
  • The main steam line may be tested along with the boiler. In this case, it may be necessary to put a blank at the far end of the line immediately before the throttle valve to the main engine or auxiliary engines. If there are two stop valves in the line, it may be unnecessary to blank off the line.
  • Hydrostatic pressure should not be put on one side of a valve which has steam pressure on the other side. This is important when steam is up on one boiler or on a donkey boiler while another boiler is being given a hydrostatic test. Blanks have to be used if there are not two valves on the line. Two valves may be considered sufficient.
  • Provision must be made for a test gage
  • The safety valves must be gagged.
  • The air vent (air cock) at the top of the boiler must be left open until water runs out of it. Then it may be closed.
  • The pressure, applied by means of a pump, must be applied and released slowly.
  • A hydrostatic test must never applied to a hot superheater or boiler.
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