What is the normal operating procedure of starting a Turbine Unit?

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Before starting any turbine unit the engineer should thoroughly study the manufacturer's recommended procedure from the manual. The below procedure is generalized and may differ in minor details from that furnished by any particular manufacturer:

  1. Start up the lubricating oil pump. Check gravity tank to see if oil supply is sufficient. See that oil pressure is established on bearings and that oil is passing through sight glasses leading to reduction gear housing.
  2. If the oil temperature is less than 20°C, it must be passed through the heater until its temperature reaches 30 to 40°C.
  3. Open turbine-casing and throttle-valve drains.
  4. The turbine should be turned over for at least one hour by using the turning gear. Check with the bridge so that the deck officer on watch can investigate mooring lines and whether or not the propeller is clear.
  5. Start the circulating and condensate pumps. Open the recirculating valve from feed tank to condenser so that condensate pump is assured a water supply.
  6. Check level of water in boilers. If the level is as it should be, open the main steam stop valve.
  7. Start the second-stage air ejector and bring vacuum up to approximately 15 inches of mercury.
  8. If control valve is actuated by oil pressure, open valve that admits oil to governing mechanism.
  9. Put steam on sealing glands. Admit steam to steam seal regulator.
  10. Remove turning gear.
  11. Open throttle valve wide enough to start the rotor turning immediately; then throttle down until the turbine is turning over slowly. On gear-driven installations, steam should be first admitted to the astern element.
  12. Check the emergency-governor mechanism. Trip the turbine out, reset, and readmit steam to turn rotor slowly.
  13. Listen for unusual noises.
  14. On electric drive, keep rotor turning over slowly. On gear drive, alternate rotation of turbine slowly, ahead and astern.
  15. Start up first-stage air ejectors and bring the vacuum to normal.
  16. Circulate sufficient cooling water through oil cooler to maintain the temperature of oil entering bearings between 40 to 50 °C
  17. Stand by to maneuver. Observe pressure and temperatures to see that they remain normal.
  18. When underway, close recirculating valve and turbine drains.

Precaution. Proper warming up of the turbine is extremely important.

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