What is the content of Life Raft provisions and equipments?

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  1. 1 × Buoyant Rescue quoits Buoyant rescue quoits, attached to not less than 30 metres of buoyant line. These are normally stowed in the small gear locker.
  2. 1 × Jack Knife. A jack knife to be kept attached to the boat by lanyard. The blade normally incorporate a tine opener and screw driver and a small hand spike is usually attached.
  3. Buoyant bailer. For a life raft which is permitted to accommodate not more than 12 persons, one buoyant bailer. For a life raft which is permitted to accommodate 13 persons or more, two buoyant bailers.
  4. 2 × Sponges. To absorb the water from life raft and keep it dry.
  5. 2 × Sea Anchor. Sea anchor to be attached with a shock resistant hawser and tripping line, one being spare and the other permanently attached to the life raft in such a way that when the life raft inflates or is waterborne it will cause the life raft to lie oriented to the wind in the most stable manner.
  6. 2 × Buoyant Paddles.
  7. 3 × Tin Openers.
  8. 1 × Pair of Scissor.
  9. First Aid Kit.
  10. 1 × Whistle. Whistle or equivalent sound signal. Normally of plastic construction. This will allow its use in the cold weather without discomfort to the user.
  11. 4 × Rocket Parachutes.
  12. 6 × Hand Flares.
  13. 2 × Buoyant Smoke Signals.
  14. 1 × Water Proof Electric Torch. Water proof electric torch suitable for Morse Signalling, together with one spare bulb and one spare set of batteries.
  15. 1 × RADAR Reflector.
  16. 1 × Day light Signalling Mirror. Daylight signalling mirror or heligraph with instructions for its use for signalling to ship and aircraft. The sun rays can be reflected up to 5 nautical miles to ships and up to 20 nautical miles to aircrafts.
  17. 1 × Life Saving Signal Table. Lifesaving signals table on a water proof card.
  18. 1 × Fishing Tackle Set. The fishing tackle is provided to keep the survivors busy or pass time.
  19. Food Ration. A food ration totalling not less than 10,000 kJ for each person the life raft is permitted to accommodate. These rations should be palatable, edible throughout the recommended shelf life, and packed in a manner which can be readily divided and easi- ly opened. The rations shall be kept in airtight packaging and be stowed in a watertight container.
  20. Water tight receptacles. watertight receptacles containing a total of 1.5 1 of fresh water for each person the life raft is permitted to accommodate, of which either 0.5 1 per person may be replaced by a de-salting apparatus capable of producing an equal amount of fresh water in 2 days or 1 I per person may be replaced by a manually powered reverse osmosis desalinator.
  21. 1 × drinking vessel.
  22. Anti-Sea sickness medicine and 1 × sea sickness bag per person. Anti-seasickness medicine sufficient for a least 48 h and one seasickness bag for each person the life raft is permitted to accommodate.
  23. Instructions on how to survive.
  24. Instructions for immediate actions.
  25. Thermal Protective Aids. Thermal Protective Aids which comply with the regulations, in sufficient number of 10% of the total number of persons that the lifeboat is permitted to accommodate or two, whichever is the greater.
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