What includes and how often to be conducted the inspection of crew accommodation?

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It may be required by the company on a weekly or monthly basis and carried out by the master with an officer appointed by him accompanied by.

The master must cause an entry to be made in the Logbook regarding:

  1. The time and date of the inspection
  2. The name and ranks of the inspectors and
  3. Particulars of any respect in which the accommodation or any part of it was found by either inspector not to comply with the regulations.

To inspect for:

  1. Crew accommodation is maintained in a clean and habitable condition.
  2. All equipment and installation required by the regulations is maintained in good working order.
  3. All crew accommodation, except store room, is kept free from stores and other property not belonging to or provided for the use of the crew.
  4. Cargo is not kept in any part of the crew accommodation and
  5. Accommodation provided under the regulations is not used by passengers
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