What are most important points to pay attention in the Air Conditioning plant?

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It is important to check the following:

  1. Is the suction gas pressure in the normal range?
  2. Is the discharge gas pressure in the normal range?
  3. Are the oil pressure and temperature normal?
  4. Is the air outlet of each room almost fully open?
  5. Are the air filter and refrigerating machine oil not dirty?
  6. Are the V-belts (used for the fan and compressor) adjusted properly?
  7. Cleaning of the condenser tube and replacement of protective zinc at least twice a year.
  8. Oil level in the compressor - approx. 1/2 - 2/3 of level gauge (during operation)
  9. The liquid level of the condenser or receiver - approx. 1/3 - 1/2 of the glass gauge (during operation)
  10. Greasing of the fan bearing section at least once in two months
  11. Insulation resistance of el. motors 1 mil or higher
  12. Adjustment of superheating degree of the expansion valve = Evaporation temperature + (5 - 7 °C)
  13. Power source voltage - Rated voltage
  14. No uncondensed gas (air etc.) mixed inside the system?
  15. No air remaining unpurged in the cooling water piping line?
  16. Do the fan and compressor operate without abnormal vibration?
  17. Is the fresh/return air ratio satisfactory? Keep accommodation atmosphere pressure higher than outboard atmosphere - for tankers.
  18. Are the doors and windows of each room including the engine room closed? Curtains of glass windows should preferably be closed.
  19. Is there no gas leaking from each section? Check once every week.
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