What included in the safety officer duties?

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  1. Safety officer will carry statutory responsibilities for health and safety as per code of safe working practices and as per company’s policy.
  2. The safety officer’s role should be a positive one, seeking to initiate or develop safety measures before an incident occurs rather afterwards.
  3. Improving safety consciousness among the crew.
  4. The safety officer has a duty to investigate notifiable accidents or dangerous occurrences affecting persons on board ship or during access, as well as potential hazards to health and safety and any reasonable complaints made by any personnel.
  5. The regulation require safety officer to carry out health and safety inspections of each accessible part of the ship at least once every three months, or more frequently if there have been substantial changes in the condition of work.
  6. The safety officer has a duty to stop any work which he reasonably believes may cause a serious accident and immediately to inform master except when emergency action to safeguard life or the ship is being taken.
  7. Making representations and recommendations to the master and employer about deficiencies relating to health and safety
  8. Keeping a record of all accidents and dangerous occurrences.
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